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Right Seal, First Time

O rings

Do you have water, air, hydraulic or oil leaks? Give Metric Seals, Inc. a call. We stock replacement seals for all types of machines, hydraulic, pneumatic pumps, cylinders and many other things that seal. We stock things like O-rings, backup rings, oil seals, wipers, u-cups and a much more. With over 30,000 parts in stock, we are able to ship most orders out the same day.

If we do not stock the part you are looking for, our staff of engineers will help you locate any seal for you. We have a vast network of suppliers and manufactures to get the part you need. Our staff will also help you convert your standard sized seals to our metric sizes.

Metric Seals, Inc. is an ISO9001:2008 certified company. With over 40 years experience providing seals to major industries including Aerospace, Automotive Factories, Food and Beverage (including local Micro-Breweries), Heavy Equipment, Injection Molding, Medical Industry, Government Facilities and many other major industries.

Metric Seals, Inc. prides itself in supplying seals with caring and integrity to companies including Bosch, Caterpillar, Chip Ganassi Racing, Many other Race teams, Delta Faucet, Detroit Diesel, Allison, Electrolux, Federal Mogul, Fiat, Firestone, Ford Motor Company, Goodyear, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Honda, John Deere, Komatsu, NASA, Parker Hannifin, Peerless Faucets, Pepsi Cola, Subaru, Smith & Wesson, Snap-On, Strum Ruger, Thomas and Betts, Toyota, the U.S. Mint, Local water & power Utilities, and many other small businesses and private households.

Overstock Sale - Starts August 3rd 2015

Starting Monday August 3rd we will be have an orverstock sale. The sale will be on O-rings, U-Cups, Wipers, Oil Seals, Glyd Rings, Vee-Packings, Backup Rings, Quad Rings and many others. Each month we will be rotating between two different categories. The month of August we will have a sale on O-Rings and Oil Seals. Quantities are limited and prices are well below retail. Anybody can purchase including, Current customers, retailers, wholesalers, online customers, induviduals, business customers and distributors. Like us on Facebook and you can view the up coming sale two weeks prior to the acutal sale and to get more details about the sale, terms and conditions.

Metric Seals, Inc. Team

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