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B 3.5 X 2.5 CORD STK


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PTFE Back-up ring


Uncut, Dimensional stability of the O-Ring improves the sealing force and increases the service life.

General Back-up Ring Application:

Back-up Rings have no intended sealing function. Instead, as the name indicates they are supporting elements made with extrusion-resistant materials which generally have a rectangular cross section. They are installed in a groove together with an elastomeric sealing element preferably with a corresponding O-Ring in static applications. Due to the tight fit of the Back-up Ring in the housing, they prevent extrusion of the pressurized elastomeric sealing element into the sealing gap.

Used in a variety of applications such as with the use of O-Rings in high pressure applications, use of O-Ring materials with low hardness, compensation of radial sealing gaps, use for internal and external sealing applications, reciprocating and rotating movements possible, compensation for large temperature fluctuations, static and dynamic applications.

*Solid Back-up Rings can be cut upon request*

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