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B 299.7 X 314 X 3 T-5
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B 299.7 X 314 X 3 TURCITE

B 299.7 X 314 X 3 T-5

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Polyurethane Back-up Ring


Uncut, Dimensional stability of the O-Ring improves the sealing force and increases the service life.

General Back-up Ring Application:

Back-up Rings have no intended sealing function. Instead, as the name indicates they are supporting elements made with extrusion-resistant materials which generally have a rectangular cross section. They are installed in a groove together with an elastomeric sealing element preferably with a corresponding O-Ring in static applications. Due to the tight fit of the Back-up Ring in the housing, they prevent extrusion of the pressurized elastomeric sealing element into the sealing gap.

Used in a variety of applications such as with the use of O-Rings in high pressure applications, use of O-Ring materials with a low hardness, compensation of radial sealing gaps, use for internal and external sealing applications, reciprocating and rotating movements possible, compensation for large temperature fluctuations, static and dynamic applications.

*Solid Back-up Rings can be cut upon request*


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