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S50703-C380  /  2MTR LENGTHS
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G 5.5 X 2.5-C380

S50703-C380 / 2MTR LENGTHS

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fabric reinforced composite materials is used in hydraulic cylinders exposed to high loads that can occur e.g. in mobile hydraulics and presses. The high compressive strength, good sliding behavior and the exceptional wear resistant properties ensure a long service life.

C380 is the standard material; this turquoise colored composite is a further development of the proven C320. It is most versatile; suitable for all commonly used hydraulic fuids such as mineral or synthetic oils, as well as water based fuids. It is an excellent electrical insulator and features enhanced sliding properties in various media.


 - Dimensionally stable and vibration absorbing

 - Even distribution of high radial forces

 - Good sliding and dry running properties

 - High wear resistance

 - Good wiping effect

 - Long service life.

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