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2-019 KALREZ 4079
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20.35 X 1.78 K4079

2-019 KALREZ 4079

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Kalrez® 4079 Oring


Shore A Description:

The hardness of rubber compounds is measured by the Shore A durometer; the higher the durometer, the harder the compound. Softer compounds stretch easier and seal better on rough surfaces. Harder compounds offer greater abrasion resistance and resistance to extrusion.

60 Shore A is softer than 70

70 Shore A is the standard

90 Short A is very stiff


A low compression set compound for general-purpose use in O-rings, diaphragms, seals, and other parts used in the process and aircraft industries. It is a carbon black-filled compound with excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical properties and outstanding hot air aging properties. It exhibits low swell in organic and inorganic acids and aldehydes and has a good response to temperature cycling effects.


4079 (Kalrez®)

Maximum Continuous Service Temperature: 316°C/600°F


This compound is not recommended for use in hot water/steam applications or in contact with certain hot aliphatic amines, ethylene oxide, or propylene oxide.


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