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12500875 POLYPAK FKM
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N 22.2 X 26.8 X 3.2 V

12500875 POLYPAK FKM

USD $22.75 /EACH
Retail price: USD $22.75 /EACH
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Polypak SPP, Viton 90 (4208) (Rod Seals)

Parker’s Standard PolyPak is a squeeze seal with a symmetrical profile for use in either rod or piston applications. The standard Molythane® shell provides high wear resistance and the o-ring energizer functions as a spring to maintain sealing contact under low pressure. The Standard PolyPak utilizes a straight cut scraper lip design formed by a precision trimming process. The scraper edge wipes both fluid film and contamination away from the seal. A wide selection of sizes and alternate compounds allow this profile to match up with many hydraulic applications. The Standard PolyPak is an economical choice as a stand alone rod or piston seal. With less squeeze force than the Deep or Type B profiles, the Standard PolyPak can be installed back-toback, in separate glands, for bi-directional sealing. To protect against pressure trapping, it is recommended that the o-ring be removed from the Standard PolyPak facing the lower pressure side of the application.


  • Working Pressure: = 155 bar

  • Working Temperature: -21°C to 204°C (-65°F to 200°F)

  • Surface Speed: = 1.6 m/s


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